Where Your Path Leads

where your path leads Sep 29, 2020

Have you ever felt like your path was meant to be so much bigger than it was at that moment? Like you knew that something was going to happen and it would change everything? 


Yeah .... that wasn't how it happened it me. 


I have known since 2011 that the words " The Path Is Yours " would be part of my life for every. How it came to be wasn't some magical thing that clicked and everything amazing just happened. I honestly wish I could say that is the way that it happened. I was sitting at the house of a now ex, when his best friend came over. During that night of talking the quote "The Path Is Yours" randomly came into my head. How I don't remember but at the end of the night I remember laying in bed thinking. To myself in a joking way that the path is mine to live and mine to control. 

Through out the many years since then, that quote stuck with me. It was the name of my group when I was part of a MLM company way back when. It has just always been part of...

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