Where Your Path Leads

where your path leads Sep 29, 2020

Have you ever felt like your path was meant to be so much bigger than it was at that moment? Like you knew that something was going to happen and it would change everything? 


Yeah .... that wasn't how it happened it me. 


I have known since 2011 that the words " The Path Is Yours " would be part of my life for every. How it came to be wasn't some magical thing that clicked and everything amazing just happened. I honestly wish I could say that is the way that it happened. I was sitting at the house of a now ex, when his best friend came over. During that night of talking the quote "The Path Is Yours" randomly came into my head. How I don't remember but at the end of the night I remember laying in bed thinking. To myself in a joking way that the path is mine to live and mine to control. 

Through out the many years since then, that quote stuck with me. It was the name of my group when I was part of a MLM company way back when. It has just always been part of me but it wasn't until 2019 that it took on a whole new meaning for me. 

When I was finally about to admit to everyone in my world that I truly have a calling to help other people figure out their own paths in life. I knew that 'The Path Is Yours'  

It wasn't with out it's troubles even then. I didn't gain the support that I thought I would or maybe I simply picked the wrong people to support my along my new path in life. 

When your life is about to change, it more often than not isn't some big amazing and powerful thing. It is the simple things that stick with you over years. It is knowing that you have a dream and goals in life. That you are determined to make your reality. 

If you are sitting around waiting on that big amazing thing to happen. Where prince charming comes in and sweeps you off of your feet. You will be waiting for the rest of your time. Back in the day that mindset was the goal. That was what young girls dreamed of happening but now we know better. Now we know that we don't need a man to give us the keys to the kingdom. We are very capable of building the damn kingdom all by ourselves. 

Because The Path Is Yours...


until next time, 



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