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Gain the knowledge, confidence and consistency to step out of their own way to earn 6 figures.

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You are a business owner determined to be successful.

You started your business because you wanted financial freedom. You know that right now  you have to throw your everything into this business. 

You are ready to learn how to sell your products.

You are done with the cycle of struggling to make sales. You know now is the time for you to learn. You are ready to learn how to sell your products online.

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I'm Stephanie Brady Martin

After years of helping women find and follow their passion in life. I felt I was not true to myself as much as I loved my clients. I truly wanted to be back in the world of business and sales. My whole life was about selling, even before I entered the coaching world. I spent my whole adult life in the sales industry. But I would have to face my fears and dive back into my education. I would have to take my business outside my large group of life-coaching clients. I found that though I started great. I had to learn and grow differently. My selling skills would need to evolve along with my coaching skills. After a few months, I could see that what most small businesses struggled with was my greatest strength.
Now, I use what I have learned to help people like you find financial freedom by selling online. I’ll show you how to earn more, connect deeper and make your platforms work for you with a sales strategy.

The Path To Sales Course

Are you a business owner who wants financial freedom?

Are you ready to go all in and learn to sell your product?

Find out how the Path To Sales Course can change your business. By teaching  you how to create an unlimited amount of money.

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One on One Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Like your business should be hitting higher numbers but you don't know where to start.

One on one coaching can help you get the answers you have been looking for. Ready to see how it can help you change your business? 

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The Content Planner - Mini Workshop

Are you ready to create content with ease? It’s time to take the stress out of content creation and learn how to create a content planner for your social platforms.


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