Judgement Of Others

mindset success trending Oct 29, 2020

About a year ago I was sitting in almost the same physical spot that I am in right now. I am less than a foot away from where my desk started off at. It wasn't an easy time for me and my tiny not even real business. 

I had finished the bulk of my Coaching training and was excited to start my business and help so many people change their lives. Right up until another person within my career field sought me out to have the conversation that almost ended everything. 

The conversation started easy enough. They emailed me to ask me a few questions about my new business. Nothing too out of the blue for me at that time. They just wanted to know how I got started in my business? Where I was at with building my new brand and really launching my business? 

As I answered their questions, happily might I add. The conversation took a turn to something I never expected to see coming. Their responses turned negative and into this dark hole of anger. They started asking questions...

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