Judgement Of Others

mindset success trending Oct 29, 2020

About a year ago I was sitting in almost the same physical spot that I am in right now. I am less than a foot away from where my desk started off at. It wasn't an easy time for me and my tiny not even real business. 

I had finished the bulk of my Coaching training and was excited to start my business and help so many people change their lives. Right up until another person within my career field sought me out to have the conversation that almost ended everything. 

The conversation started easy enough. They emailed me to ask me a few questions about my new business. Nothing too out of the blue for me at that time. They just wanted to know how I got started in my business? Where I was at with building my new brand and really launching my business? 

As I answered their questions, happily might I add. The conversation took a turn to something I never expected to see coming. Their responses turned negative and into this dark hole of anger. They started asking questions about what man was I planning to team up with? 

I responded with the truth .... that I wouldn't be teaming up with anyone much less a man. I didn't feel I needed a man in my business in order for it to be successful. I told them to have a great day and for me the conversation was over at this point. 

The response I got was " You aren't capable of being a successful business without having a man to help you. You're too new to know what you are doing as a coach. You should either give up and don't even bother really starting your business or you need to ask a professional male coach for his help. Your tiny not even real business can't survive the storm that is coming without a man to protect you. From the harsh reality that is business in this day in age. You have no idea how over your head you already are just by saying your a coach without a man in your business. I am only telling you this so you don't make the same mistakes I made in my business. Your not experienced in what it takes to run a real business. People like you who think you don't need a man in your business will never be successful." 

That email stopped me in my tracks and almost ended my business before it really started. It wasn't the first hateful email I had gotten about how I would fail but it was the first time another woman told me. That I as a female couldn't be successful in my business without a man. 

I had to take a few weeks to pick myself up after the first round of people emailing me. Telling me that I couldn't be successful in my new business. It hurt me to hear these words from others within the Coaching world. This time around I wasn't going to let others judgements block my path to success. I refused to allow this unhappy person to put me down or keep me down. 

It is a hard lesson to learn but there will always be people who want to see you fail. They think that if you fail that they will be successful or that if you don't become successful. That it makes them better at what they are doing or not doing in their own lives. 

You have to learn to stand strong and overcome the pain of the past. You have to know your worth and push past everything the world tells you about success. There is no limit to what you can do in your life. Other peoples judgements can only stop you if you allow them to stop you. 

Here I am a year later sitting at almost the same place I was that day but a million miles apart. My business is operating successfully and growing every day. I still do not have a man on my team and I am still doing amazingly. You don't need anyone in your business but YOU! You are the secret sauce, you are the key to success, you are all you need! 

Always your coach & crazy BFF, 



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