You Are More Than You Believe

When was the last time you felt like an unstoppable force? Like you could do anything, be anything, say anything and it was just a fact of life?


.... Never? Well that is okay you aren't alone. Life can really get you down sometimes and make you feel like you aren't capable of getting to where you want to be. It happens and it is okay to take  beat to recover from it. 


Just don't let that beat or moment turn into a life time. Don't le the world get you so down that you forget who you are and that you are meant for so much more than anyone knows. You are an amazing unstoppable force of nature. You can't let the world tell you other wise because what does the world know about you? 

The know what you tell them and how you show them what you are capable of matters. So get up today and start sharing your gifts with the world. You are more than you believe that you are. You are as smart, capable and unstoppable as you believe that you are. 

You matter,...

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