Game Changing Advice

business advice Oct 18, 2021

Through our my journey of becoming a business owner many people have offered me advice. It didn't matter to them if they had ever owned a business or not. It seemed everyone had a piece of advice for me. I received everything from " run away" to " embrace your journey." 

As much as I loved hearing peoples positive advice. There was also the rush of negative advice or down right hurtful things people said. But we will leave that for another day and another story... 

There was one piece of advice that for me was game changing advice. It came from one of the amazing women I know who has herself built a Million dollar company. She randomly emailed me and said " If you are going to do this then truly do it. Don't play around with it. Don't call yourself a CEO if you're not going to do the job. Build the company and put the real work in. I know you can do this and I know you will be success but babe you have to do the damn thing." 

She was right, I didn't see just how right...

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